About me

A good photo does not have to be technically perfect. A good photo stops you for a moment and makes you want to take a second look. A good photo captures and releases emotions...

For me, shooting is a way of taking a break from a routine of everyday life. It is a passion that triggers my creativity and challenges continuous research and improvement.

The area I took my first steps in is landscape photography. This kind of lonely journey offers a possibility to escape from the noises of the world, but also to have a fresh look at nature around. While improving my skills, appeared an unexpected longing for a new challenge. Portrait photography in all its forms appeared to be my path. I then began to devote most of my time and attention to pursue this goal. Today, shooting landscapes and portraits stirs my photography world. Equally fulfilling as waiting for "the golden hour" in the midst of nature is an engaging contact with people and the energy of portrait sessions.

I am a member of The Photographic Society of America (PSA) and the Photo Association of Serbia (FSS).

Welcome to my gallery.
Dariusz Łyżbicki

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